Posted by: rdy4ever | November 8, 2009

What doesn’t kill you…

So, we hear it all the time. It’s one of the most famous quotes ever. It is meant to give you that supreme feeling. It’s meant to make you feel… good. Fell good about your shitty little life. About your pathetic attempts to make a living. Every time you’re down this quote is supposed to get you up and running.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

… no shit?


Now… let’s picture this scenario: you’re crossing the street when a fucking bus runs over you. Yes a fucking 10 tone bus. But a miracle happens and you just won’t die. You do remain paralyzed although and spend the rest of your life in a fucking wheel chair. Yeah – you’re right – no blow jobs for you anymore. No sex either. No love, no sympathy. No fucking lawsuit. No money. No nothing. Just a pathetic handicapped and his fucking wheel chair.
What then if you hear some duschebag  that just lost his job or just got left by his wife saying: “oh man, what doesn’t kill you…” Won’t you just grab your gun and do it for him? But you just can’t do that because you’re fucking paralyzed.

So, let’s remake this old quote.

“What doesn’t kill you puts you in a fucking wheel chair.”

Posted by: rdy4ever | August 30, 2009

What makes us human?

Clipboard02Feelings. Memories. Emotions. Vulnerability.
Happyness, sadness, love, hate, anger. All  of this fuckers ,+/-  50%, could make a person be categorised as human. And still, are we all human?

Well… was Hitler human? I mean he had feelings – hate, he had memories – hatefull ones, emotions and vulnerability – he  fucking blew his brains out when he realised that (btw, pride is also a human thing).

…was Musollini, Stalin or Ceausescu human? Well, I know one thing for shure – they’re all fucking dead and burried. So – human if you ask me.
And then…

…is there anything that actually makes us human? Can we put a standard on humanity?

The answer is not simple and I frankly don’t fucking have it. But, untill we get one, let’s just quit wondering what makes us human and just be human.

Posted by: rdy4ever | August 29, 2009

What if?

258931782_2405cbac2d_bChoices. Maybe the hardest thing in life. You take them. You have to. You follow a new lane on the road called destiny.  And than you reach another junction. You take a new decission and a new road.

But every night, when you’re alone, your mind gets invaded by an army of questions. One question has the power to keep you awake. The Question. The question that’s been torturing humanity for thousnads of years. WHAT IF?

That is just so fucked up. Living in the past is bad. I know it, you know it, they know it, holly shit – even grandma knows it. But how could you outrun your past, when the past it’s a part of you? You can try to outsmart the fucker. It’s called moving on. But you’ll never get rid of this sticky little bastard.

Yesterday it’s  gone, tommorow may never come. Live for today.

I can’t remember who said that – I mean, fuck, my memory isn’t exactly what it used to be before I start drinking. I can’t even remember if that’s the actual quote. But it’s true.  Stop asking what if. Start asking why not. Is it hard? I know. Can I do it? Fuck no. Can you do it?

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