Clipboard01Nowadays, everybody blogs. Actors, politicians, singers, and yes, even ordinary motherfuckers like you and me. Who am I? Do you really give a crap? Now, really? Probably not. Well, I don’t give a fuck who are you. So I guess we’re even. But if you’re reading this, it means that somehow you found my blog on the world fucking wide web. I don’t blame you for that. I won’t blame you if you’ll press the back button or the backspace key on your keybord and get the fuck out of my blog. But if after all this you’re still reading this sentence, I’ll have to behave like a human and welcome you to my blog. So, welcome. You’re still here? Good. Enjoy my bog. It’s about that crappy little thing called life. Do you need a place to hide? Are you sick and tired of this charede called socialization? Do you want to find out some interesting things you never known? Do you need a Point Escape? This is the place. By the way, I’m not a fucking emo, so this is not a place to cut your veins short. I have friends, I like people, but I’m mostly just disappointed with the human race. Ain’t that a nonsense? I know, I’ve got issues. You still here? Ok. Than maybe we think the same. Let’s blog. Fuck.



  1. Nice blog….. Like it… :X visit mine too >:D< (desigur ca sunt romanca:)))

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