Posted by: rdy4ever | November 20, 2010

Advertising thieves.

Most of the time, commercials suck. Bad an worn ideas, pathetic Christmas spots, failed attempts to make a viral. But, from time to time, good and catchy commercials surface from deep and dark corners of some wacky advertisers. As soon as that happens, small advertising companies all around the Globe get “sudden inspiration” and start copying the same idea until it gets worn and boring.

Not so long ago, while doing my systematic channel surfing in my pointless attempt to find something worth watching, I stumbled upon some new commercial that seem, at least at the time, original and catchy. It promoted some sort of E-infested post-communism croissant, called 7 days. The spot was called “7 days in 60 seconds”. Here is the spot:

But than… guess what? A few days ago I was watching a movie from 2002, called “The rules of attraction”. Generally speaking, the movie is OK, worth watching. But, somewhere in this movie, there is a scene. It presents a summary of one of the characters European vacation. And I was thinking… why the fuck this seems so familiar to me? And than it struck me… it was the extended version of that fucking commercial. Due to the fact that fagot fucks use to disable incorporation of their YT videos, I had to upload it to my own channel. Here it is:

Counting this was a 2002 movie, it’s obvious where did the fucks who created the 7 days spot got that “sudden inspiration” I was talking about earlier.
But the most fucked-up thing is how many people consider that commercial “original”, all around the www forums and shit. Wake up fuckers! There’s no such thing as originality in advertising. We’ve been around for too long. And we think like sheep.


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