Posted by: rdy4ever | December 28, 2009

Expect nothing.

How many times have you been disappointed? How many times have you felt deceived? How many people that meant the world to you eventually let you down?

You know what? All that shouldn’t have happened. You shouldn’t have ever felt disappointed, deceived or hurt. The fact that you actually did is only your fault. Fucking irony, huh?

You now probably wondering how come. How come you carry the fault for something that someone else did to you? Or for something that out of nowhere happened to you?
I mean how the fuck could it be your fault? What have you done to deserve that?
Nothing. And still you did. You… expected. Expected more than you should have. You expected not to be disappointed, deceived or hurt. You put your expectations to high. You expected good things to happen.  You… hoped.  Big fucking mistake.

So, take this advice: expect nothing. If something good happens, great. If not, than your expectation actually matched reality. So why being sad?


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