Posted by: rdy4ever | December 19, 2009

Fuck Winter

I remember the time when I was a little kid. I remember counting down the days till Christmas. I remember being sad for not snowing. I remember being so happy at the first snow. This was then…

…and now? I remember yesterday swearing as usual. The reason? Snow. To fucking much of it. And all in the wrong god dammed place. A 20 minute road to work turned in a 2 hours nightmare.  Angry people in their little 4 wheeled metal cans, summer tires in the wrong season, useless winter tires on the wrong fucking car. If you take a moment to analyze it’s quite funny. How pathetic are we, in our technological prides, fighting our way through  nature most basic creation. And losing kneed down.

And than I wonder… what happened? What happened from point A (childhood) to point B (now)? How come the thing that used to make me so happy back then gets to make me so angry now?
Growing up. Now that we aged we need money to survive. To make money we need to work. To work we need to travel . And how do we do that? Using the roads, of course. And how are we supposed to enjoy snow when the fucker blocks our only method of survival?

So winter,
I used to love you. Now I hate you.
So fuck you for making me hate.


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