Posted by: rdy4ever | November 17, 2009

See you on the other side

What people tend to ignore sometimes gets to define them. What people tend to forget sometimes gets to haunt them. What sometimes people choose to let go tends never to come back.

How many times have you said to someone that you never want to see him/her again? How many times did you actually mean it? But what if your anger made wish would strangely come true and, seeing that someone even just for one last time  would be actually impossible? How would that make you fell, knowing it’s all gone?

Sad? Frustrated? Guilty?

Because life, my friend, among others, is so fragile that can end in a blink of an eye. Now you’re here – now you’re not. And guilt, well …guilt. Guilt is a feeling that can be very hard to bare, when it’s eternal. Things left unsaid forever can haunt you in a way a ghost could never even dare. And the only thing that you can hope is that you’ll have another chance to see that person. But this meeting will have to wait for a long time. Or, at least until you’ll reach the other side. And that’s just an one way ticket trip.


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