Posted by: rdy4ever | November 11, 2009

A matter of life and death

Life is what happens while we’re busy making other plans.

It can be good or bad. It can be sweet or bitter. It can last to much or end in a flash of an eye. It’s what we call life. A phenomenon that by it’s greatness makes all other things look microscopic.

...we let life fly by us

Mayflies. One fucked up enigma life has to offer. The lifespan of an adult mayfly can vary from just 30 minutes to one day depending on the species. 30 minutes in our eyes, a lifetime in theirs. So than, what the fuck is life, after all?

Life is probably one of the most fragile things that we own. Today you may be alive and walking, tomorrow – dead, buried and hopefully – not walking.

But than, how come we let life pass by us so easy? How come we seem to care so little about time passing by while we stay there doing nothing?  Traffic, supermarket lines, post office lines, doctor lines, lines, lines and… lines. We always seem to wait for something; and while we’re busy doing that, life just flies by.


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