Posted by: rdy4ever | November 9, 2009

Love. Or another way to call stupidity.

What is love? Have you ever experienced love? You think you like love? You think you know love? Bullshit.

Love. Some would say it’s the opposite of hate. Some would say it’s the deepest thing ever felt. Some would say it’s just beautiful. All wrong.
The truth is no one knows exactly what love is.


Two people that like each other.  To people attracted to each other.  Two people spending more time together than usual. Two people fucking.

That’s it. Is that love? Fuck no.

…Than what is it? Why people need to be involved with someone? Why do we need another’s company?
Well, it seems  we’re social creatures. We need someone near us to feel good. To feel safe. We want to provide safe. We need to care about someone. We need something, but we have no fucking clue exactly what.

So then, we invented love. Because if we think we’re in love, all the crazy shit we pull out of pure jealousy, out of selfishness or just out of stupidity won’t seam so crazy anymore. Would be just facts done out of love. “He killed her because he loved her to much and could’n bare the thought of her being with someone else.” How many times you heard that?   Of course, he’ll still do jail and he’ll still be sodomized by his cell mates. But, in his psychotic mind, he’ll have an excuse for what he did. Love.  Ain’t that just fucked up?

Actually, love is self suggestion. We think we’re in love. Endorphins are released from our brain and we feel… well, good. So, one thing is right – it is chemistry after all. We keep saying to ourself  – “I’m in love. I’m in love”. And, when the time comes we say it out loud: “I love you.” And we expect to hear the same thing. If we don’t – we’re devastated. Fucking wierd, huh?

So, I’m sure I won’t convince all of you I’m right. Fuck, I couldn’t even convince myself I’m right. That’s one of the reasons I drink. The other one would be I don’t trust sleeping pills.



  1. A friend once said “What is ment to be often meets you on the road you took to avoid it.”

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