Posted by: rdy4ever | August 30, 2009

What makes us human?

Clipboard02Feelings. Memories. Emotions. Vulnerability.
Happyness, sadness, love, hate, anger. All  of this fuckers ,+/-  50%, could make a person be categorised as human. And still, are we all human?

Well… was Hitler human? I mean he had feelings – hate, he had memories – hatefull ones, emotions and vulnerability – he  fucking blew his brains out when he realised that (btw, pride is also a human thing).

…was Musollini, Stalin or Ceausescu human? Well, I know one thing for shure – they’re all fucking dead and burried. So – human if you ask me.
And then…

…is there anything that actually makes us human? Can we put a standard on humanity?

The answer is not simple and I frankly don’t fucking have it. But, untill we get one, let’s just quit wondering what makes us human and just be human.


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