Posted by: rdy4ever | August 29, 2009

What if?

258931782_2405cbac2d_bChoices. Maybe the hardest thing in life. You take them. You have to. You follow a new lane on the road called destiny.  And than you reach another junction. You take a new decission and a new road.

But every night, when you’re alone, your mind gets invaded by an army of questions. One question has the power to keep you awake. The Question. The question that’s been torturing humanity for thousnads of years. WHAT IF?

That is just so fucked up. Living in the past is bad. I know it, you know it, they know it, holly shit – even grandma knows it. But how could you outrun your past, when the past it’s a part of you? You can try to outsmart the fucker. It’s called moving on. But you’ll never get rid of this sticky little bastard.

Yesterday it’s  gone, tommorow may never come. Live for today.

I can’t remember who said that – I mean, fuck, my memory isn’t exactly what it used to be before I start drinking. I can’t even remember if that’s the actual quote. But it’s true.  Stop asking what if. Start asking why not. Is it hard? I know. Can I do it? Fuck no. Can you do it?


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